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bone surgery
Without Metal.For all Generations.
A screw made of human bone.

The human bone material from which the Shark Screw® graft is made is recognized, accepted and converted into its own bone by the body. Renouncing metal or absorbable materials such as polylactide minimizes complications, inflammation and irritation; the bone can heal faster and with less pain. For patients, this means significant relief, a more comfortable healing process and shorter, professional downtime.

For which disorders can the Shark Screw® be applied?

In the case of disorders or pain caused by bone fracture, bone malposition, rheumatic disease, joint wear on the hand or foot and pseudoarthrosis, treatment with the Shark Screw® graft should be considered. It is therefore advisable to address this topic with your doctor in order to find the best solution for you.


Hallux valgus, Hallux rigidus
Metatarsus primus varus
Arthrodesis (stiffening)
Malposition, Pseudarthrosis
Osteochondral defect on the talus
Johnes frakture, other fractures


Rheumatic diseases
Scaphoid fractures and pseudoarthrosis
Bone fractures, deformities
Pseudoarthrosis, joint wear
Arthrodesis (stiffening)
SNAC and SLAC lesion in the wrist


Refixations of cartilage bone fragments
Patella fracture
Osteochondritis Dissecans


Refixations of cartilage bone fragments in joints (Osteochondritis Dissecans)
Malposition, pseudoarthrosis

Frequently asked Questions

The grafts are made of human donor bones. To ensure maximum safety, there is the 3 column model consisting of screening, sterilization and tracing. For more details, see Quality and Safety.

No rejection reactions occurred so far. This is due to the sterilization prozess as well as the human origin of the grafts. Apart from that, rejection reactions cannot be excluded completely and are theoretically possible as for all exogenous implants.

The Shark Screw® grafts are sterilized by a peracetic acid ethanol process. No gamma irradiation is used.

The Shark Screw® is mainly used in foot, hand, knee and maxillofacial surgery. A specific application is always to be decided by the attending physician.

In public hospitals no additional costs arise for patients, the same should be the case for private hospitals. However, the individual insurance situation and an offer should be clarified for the latter.

In Austria, 27 clinics are already providing their patients with orthopedic or trauma surgery with the Shark Screw® graft. If you want to know which doctors in your area are using the Shark Screw® transplant, we look forward to hearing from you and inform you about the nearest hospital.

The common, hospital-specific waiting times are to be expected. There are no reasons that prolong the waiting time due to the use of the Shark Screw®.

The mentioned list of indications represent only possible application areas as an example. These listings do not replace a doctor’s visit. The treatment of possible indications must be decided individually for each application by the attending physician.

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