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The case documentation below shows the medical course of an intercarpal arthrodesis, Four Corner Fusion of the wrist. The 59-year-old patient has limited mobility and complains of radial pain that has been increasing for years. Conservative therapy did not bring improvement and disabled the patient. Arthrodesis was performed with three human bone screw grafts. The operation is followed by additional immobilization in a forearm cast with thumb immobilization 10 weeks.


X-Ray preoperatively

Pronounced osteoarthritis between scaphoid and radius in scapholunate dissociation


: X-ray intraoperatively ap

X-Ray shows 3 implanted bone graft screws


10 weeks postoperatively ap

Fusion is already visible on X-Ray


5 months postoperatively

X-ray shows good bony fusion


14 months postoperatively ap

Very good osseous fusion, the Shark Screw still visible in the X-ray

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