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Shark Screw® - the allograft

As a natural alternative to metal implants or bioresorbable screws, surgebright has developed the Shark Screw® allograft. The bio intelligent bone screws are used for surgical treatment in the field of orthopedics, trauma surgery, pediatric surgery, and maxillofacial surgery for the fixation of bone fragments and bone fractures.

Advantages and product features

spare hardware removal operation

Hardware removal is a disadvantage of conventional fixation systems with all the resulting complication risks for the patient during the second intervention. Surgery with the Shark Screw® eliminates this procedure, resulting in significant relief of our healthcare system.

Problem solver

The Shark Screw® graft offers a promising solution for problem indications such as pseudarthrosis, poorly healing fractures, cartilage bone fixation (osteochondritis dissecans) and treatment of rheumatic or diabetic patients.

security and stability

Together with the University of Technology Graz, Shark Screws® of different diameter have been developed according to the requirements and area of application to ensure maximum stability and safety for the doctor and the patient. The Shark Screw® grafts are sterilized by a peracetic acid ethanol process.


Our organism recognizes the human bone matrix and fully integrates the Shark Screw® graft via its bio-intelligence and physiological bone metabolism, so that the graft is no longer detectable via X-ray after 1 to 2 years, depending on the blood flow in the respective region. No rejections or foreign body reactions are known.

One system for more than 40 indications

The Shark Screw® is currently applied for more than 40 indications in hand, foot, knee, and pediatric surgery. One set of instruments necessary for the treatment of this variety of indications makes work easier for the doctors and their teams.

Patient satisfaction

The subjective experience of experienced Shark Screw® surgeons shows reduced pain for patients postoperatively, due to the shortening of the screw and the extremely high compatibility of the allogeneic material. Additionally, complications associated with metal implants are avoided.

The Shark Screw® graft in detail

Here you can find more information about the bone screw.

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