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The case documentation below describes the medical course of arthrodesis of the metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb for severe instability that had persisted for years. The 67-year-old patient can no longer establish a firm tweezer grip or pincer grip with her thumb. Zusätzlich bestehen Schmerzen im Daumengrundgelenk bei Belastung. Conservative therapy measures with orthosis did not bring any improvement and disabled the patient. Arthrodesis was performed with a human bone screw graft. The operation is followed by additional immobilization with a short thumb cast for six weeks.

Compared with other surgical procedures, the operation was easier and faster to perform, and the surgical trauma was less. Due to the screw, the position of the joint can be set optimally. Very stable anchorage, no protruding osteosynthesis material. Then 7cm long thumb cast applied for 6 weeks. Optimal course, patient subjectively very satisfied. Painless, functionally optimal result.

X-Ray preoperatively

Minor osteoarthritis with pronounced instability in the metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb

X-ray postoperatively

optimal repositioned joint

6 months postoperatively

X-Ray shows good bony fusion

12 months postoperatively

complete fusion of the arthrodesis

18 months postoperatively

Shark Screw is still visible on X-ray

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