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The following case documentation illustrates the medical course of severe chronic polyarthritis and, subsequently, pseudarthrosis. The patient underwent RL screw arthrodesis to stabilize the wrist with preservation of partial mobility. Radiograph 1 year postoperatively shows significant pseudarthrosis. A second procedure involves the removal of the 2.4mm thick metal screws. After core drilling and tapping, two 3.5mm thick Shark Screw® grafts are inserted.

Röntgenbild 1 Jahr postoperativ

nach RL-Schrauben-Arthrodese Die Pseudarthrose ist deutlich erkennbar.

Intraoperatives Röntgenbild ap

mit liegenden Shark Screw®-Transplantaten Die beiden 2,4mm dicken Metallschrauben sind entfernt.

Intraoperatives Röntgenbild seitlich

Nach Kernbohrung und Gewindeschnitt werden zwei Shark Screw®-Transplantate eingebracht.

Clinical case of Prim. Dr. Johanna Berger, Department of Trauma Surgery and Sports Traumatology, LKH Bad Ischl in Austria. Treatment of pseudarthrosis with two human bone screw grafts (documentation period 2016-2017) © surgebright GmbH

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