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Shark Screw®

Fractures - Pseudarthroses - Malpositions - Arthrodesis
Shark Screw® Heros

It is you who, with the use of Shark Screw®, can spare your patients* the risk of a second metal removal surgery and thus significantly improve their quality of life. You go to work in the operating room every day with sensitivity and precision. Become your patients’ Shark Screw® Hero. Take advantage of Shark Screw® continuing education programs where you can practice and enhance your OR skills.

Metal removals
for free but not without cost!

In 2016, 22,010 inpatient and 16,500 day-clinic metal removal procedures were performed in Austria alone.3 The cost of a day-clinic procedure amounted to approximately €2,350 per patient. After such a metal removal, patients were on sick leave for an average of 15.66 days. For inpatient metal removal procedures, the average sick leave after the second surgery was Ø 35.09 days.4 As a Shark Screw® Hero, you can avoid the risk of possible metal removal in your patients, saving sick leave and valuable resources for society. Write the first chapter of your own Shark Screw® story.

By 2030:
Save 500,000 operations

By 2030, more than 5,000 surgeons* will be given the opportunity to train and learn how to work with Shark Screw®. This is expected to cure more than 500,000 patients and spare them the risk of a second operation. Become a Shark Screw® Hero and become the backbone of osteosynthesis today and tomorrow.

Shark Screw®

Your biointelligent bone bridge

As a Shark Screw® Hero, you take advantage of allogeneic bone screws for pseudarthrosis, arthrodesis, fractures, malpositions or osteochondral defects. Mesenchymal stem cells, growth factors, osteoblasts, osteoclasts and osteocytes colonize the Shark Screw® you have implanted after just a few seconds.1 This causes Shark Screw® to be successively remodeled and remodelled into the body’s own bone.1 You can find this and many scientific facts about Shark Screw® in your Shark Screw® brochure.

DIP & PIP Arthrodesis

MCPI I Arthrodesis

Hallux valgus

TMT ll lll

Osteochondrosis dissecans

Patella fracture

Your ever growing library

Regelmäßig sammeln Shark Screw® Heros tausende neue Erfahrungen und neue Daten zur Shark Screw® in verschiedensten Wissens- und Anwendungsgebieten. Informieren Sie sich zu daraus gewonnenen, veröffentlichten Erkenntnissen in wissenschaftlichen Studien oder klinischen Case Reports,  damit vor allem Sie und Ihre Patienten davon profitieren können. Regelmäßig finden Sie alles Wissenswerte unter anderem auf dem surgebright Instagram Kanal.

Understanding bone healing

As a Shark Screw® Hero, you take advantage of the natural benefits of intact Havers channels and co-spaces in the Shark Screw®. In this way, you set a solid bone bridge with finest channels and co-spaces over which and into which cells can migrate. This allows primary bone healing between Shark Screw® and recipient bone as well as remodeling of the allogeneic bone screw.1 You and your patients will benefit from these properties preferably in arthrodesis, fractures, pseudarthroses and conversions. An excerpt from relevant studies on the Shark Screw® can be found here.

The electron microscope images show the natural structure of the Shark Screw®. Haversian canals allow the recipient bone to connect to the graft after insertion. (TU Graz FELMI Prof. DI. Dr. Plank)

Become Shark Screw® Hero

The world of Shark Screw® is growing day by day. In order to offer your patients a care option without the risk of a second surgery, we support you where we can. Until then, you can find out the latest news on the social media channels of your choice.

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2 Evelyn Walter, Karin Schalle & Marco Voit. (2016). Cost-Effectiveness of a bone transplant fixation “SHARK SCREW” transplant compared to metal devices in osteosynthesis in Austria. ISPOR 19th Annual European Congress. Vienna: IPF Institute for Pharmaeconomic Research

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* The respective wording is intended to address all genders equally.

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