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Shark Screw® Allograft

Natural bone healing with the power of biology

What is Shark Screw®?

Game-Changer made out of allogeneic bone

Shark Screw® is a screw made from human donor bone and can be used in orthopedics and trauma surgery. After insertion into the bone, Shark Screw® is colonized by the patient’s own cells and integrated into the natural bone metabolism. Shark Screw® gets remodeled into patient’s own bone within months due to the natural creeping substitution process. Possible complications, caused by metal and other foreign materials in the body, such as irritation of nerves, ligaments and tendons, are therefore eliminated. The avoidance of these risks, sick leave and time expenditure leads to enormous savings for the patients, surgery centers, hospitals, and the healthcare system.

Benefits of using Shark Screw®

expand your toolkit in the OR
No Metal Removal

Shark Screw® is integrated into the natural bone remodeling process of the human body & becomes the patient’s own bone – patients are thus spared the risks that metals can cause in the body

Natural Material

Shark Screw® is a screw made from pure human donor bone – a very safe material that is familiar to the human body

Outstanding Compatibility

Shark Screw® has proven its worth for many years in patients with or without pre-existing conditions. These include intolerances, allergies and diabetes.

Next-Gen Non-Union Treatment

Shark Screw® shows its full potential when it comes to non-union cases. The creeping substitution can significantly boost bone healing – just trust biology.

Leading Shark Screw®-experts in the USA

Connecticuts pioneer in Foot & Ankle surgery

Case reports with Shark Screw®

Bunion, non-union & Co.

Be a pioneer now and make a difference!

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Where does Shark Screw® come from?

Shark Screw® is developed by surgebright, based in Austria. Screws get manufactured by surgebright and a leading US-Tissue-Establishment.

In which sizes is Shark Screw® available?

Shark Screw® is available in various sizes and diameters which opens a broad range of indications in the space of lower and upper extremities.

Is there any clinical evidence about Shark Screw®?

Yes, all publications about Shark Screw® can be found here.

For which indications can I use Shark Screw®?

Shark Screw® can be used in the space of Foot & Ankle (e.g. bunionectomy, MTP1 fusion, Hammertoe correction, IP-Fusion, TN-Fusion, Lapidus Arthrodesis, Lisfranc Joint Fusions, Jones Fx, Weil Osteotomies, DIP Fusions, Non-Unions, Medial Malleolus Osteotomies, Calcaneus Osteotomies, Subtalar Fusions etc.). Shark Screw® can be also utilized in various indications in Hand & Wrist surgery (e.g. DIP and PIP Fusions, MCP1 Arthrodesis, Scaphoid Fx and Non-Unions, Metacarpal Fusions, Four Corner Fusions, Distal Radius Fx etc.)
Especially when it comes to non-unions Shark Screw is a must-have tool to treat them! Furthermore, OCD Lesions can be fixed and revascularized when using Shark Screw®

I want to add Shark Screw® into my clinical practice – how I get more information?

Our US-Sales team is looking forward to getting in touch with you. Shoot us an email: usdistribution@surgebright.com or reach out via Linked In.

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