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The following case report describes the pre- and postoperative course of Heberden arthrosis. The 58-year-old patient suffers from severe polyarthrosis in both hands. The DIP joints 2,3 and 4 of the right hand show significant malpositions and are nodularly distended due to the exophytes, wobble stiff as well as strongly painful. Therefore, arthrodesis of all three DIP joints was performed with three human bone screw grafts. 14 years after surgery, these screws are no longer visible radiologically (experience shows that after max. 2 years – depending on the region and thickness of the graft- the graft is fully remodeled).

X-Ray preoperatively

The PIP joint of the 4th finger is also arthritically altered, but is not yet to be treated surgically

X-ray postoperatively

Arthrodesis of DIP joints 2,3 and 4 with implanted bone screw grafts

18 months postoperatively

Bone screw grafts only rudimentarily visible. Remodeling without osteolysis

14 years postoperatively

Bone graft screws are fully remodeled and not visible on X-ray anymore

14 years postoperatively

X-ray image taken laterally obliquely.

Clinical case of Dr. Klaus Pastl, Linz in Austria. Arthrodesis of the DIP finger joints (2,3 and 4, right hand) with three human bone screw grafts. (documentation period 1996-2010) © surgebright GmbH

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