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Experienced surgeons demonstrate the use of Shark Screw® grafts in operations on the foot, hand and knee. You will find the current observation dates below. Please feel free to contact us if you have a desired indication or to register for an appointment.

OP accompaniment

You also have the option of surgical accompaniment by Shark Screw® specialists for all indications. For individual cases of application or problematic indications, there is also the option of telephone consultation with experienced surgeons or our allograft specialists.

Why you should become a Shark Screw® user?
No more metal removals

Metal removals are often complex and lengthy procedures that are associated with complications or post-operative stress for patients. By using the Shark Screw graft, such unpleasant operations are spared.

One system for many indications

The Shark Screw® graft can currently be used for over 40 indications in hand, foot, knee and paediatric surgery. This variety of indications makes your daily work easier for you and your team.

Problem solver

The Shark Screw® graft is often a promising solution for problem indications such as pseudarthrosis, poorly healing fractures, cartilage-bone fixation and care of rheumatism or diabetes patients. The avital Shark Screw® transplants are ingrown by the bearing bone and are remodelled into their own bone by physiological bone metabolism. In addition, no rejection reactions are known.

Patient satisfaction

The subjective experiences of Shark Screw® surgeons show little pain in patients in the postoperative course, which is due to the shortening of the screw as well as the extremely high tolerance of the allogeneic material. Due to its biological origin, there is excellent tolerability.

Experts network

Benefit from a network of leading specialists in orthopaedics and trauma surgery and from the experience already gained in surgical techniques, follow-up treatment and the post-operative course.

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